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How to repair ms outlook pst

Outlook is a most demanded tool and it is on the top of the best mailing tools list. Outlook provides you the easiest way to remain connected your network. Microsoft has launched this tool with office package and after 2000 there are different version came one after the other.

Previously outlook was having the file size of 2 GB. Later the file size was increased to 20 GB and then later it was extended to 50 GB. The Older version of the tool was having a problem of the oversized PST file. Most of the time users using the PST file face the excess of data than the size of PST file.

The problem of oversized PST was later resolved. Outlook 2007 came with 20 GB size of PST file and in the latest version, the size of PST was increased to 50 GB. Thus increased size of PST file almost completed the threat of corruption of PST file.

But there are many more scenarios which are the reason for corruption of PST files. What could be done after the PST file is corrupted? how to repair MS outlook PST file if facing corruption? No need to worry, this particular repairing software will repair your PST files. Why to repair files and why not to keep it safe from corruption?

There are steps to fix PST file but before that let’s see what all scenarios are there which result in PST file corruption.

  • When you are migrating from old PC to the new one then you need to take care of PST file. Then for this you have to place the PST file in the right location. If in case you have placed the file in the wrong location and trying to access the file from that wrong location then you may be confronted with the error.
  • There are cases where your computer system crashes and due to which, your file system gets corrupt.
  • The PST file may also get corrupt by the means of virus or malware, application crash, etc.

Though it is a bit harder task to avoid the corruption of PST file, there are some precautionary measures. These precautionary steps will save the file from corruption at some extent. Take a strong and regular backup of your PST file which  will help you to restore your Outlook data even after complete loss, sometimes if you face corruption then it can be repaired by Scanpst (if repairable), compression of file must be done with some reliable tools, always create restore point in your PC.

These were only observed conducts of users which results in data loss and corruption of files. Many more unknown scenarios are there which results in severe loss. In severe losses Scanpst also don’t work. Importing and exporting option also play an important role but only at times when PST file size is less.

If you don’t have back up then you have last option left in front of you and that is the option of repairing. You can fix the file by using the software.